EyeVoice Benefits

The EyeVoice system enables users to communicate with the world via robust, accurate eye-tracking devices and software. There are many unique benefits to using the system for users with a wide variety of diagnoses.  

Single Eye Tracking

Requires functional use of only one eye. EyeVoice is the only gaze communication device specifically developed for use with one eye. Other systems either require both eyes or function with decreased accuracy with only one eye.


Promotes infection control with anti-microbial surfaces that can tolerate any disinfectant.

Low Eye Strain

Uses the lowest light source of any eye-operated system, reducing sensory overload, eye strain, and dry eyes.

Cyber Secure

Hardware communication capability can be limited to internal use only. External communication for internet and patient email can be set up if desired.

Pupil Size Variation

Works accurately with large variations in pupil size from 1mm to 8mm, extreme sizes caused by neurological deficits or medication effects.

Works with Glasses

Can be operated with most eyeglasses, contact lenses and implantable lenses.

Adjustable Height

Includes mounting on a balanced stable base or a height-adjustable rolling mount that can accommodate any patient position.

Multi-Position Use

Functions in any position including side-lying, reclining, and sitting upright.

Helping People Communicate

"I am writing this email on my Eyegaze. I was in the hospital for a whole month [and] was intubated for 2 weeks. The Eyegaze helped me to tell the nurses and the doctors what I needed when I couldn't talk."

— Jack

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