The patient communication and control system you operate with your eyes!

Eye-operated patient communication and control system

Critical care nurses have requested a version of our unique Eyegaze Edge system, designed on a medical model for people with severe physical disabilities, that’s better suited for use in the ICU/ER environment.

The wished-for product, EyeVoice is being developed in collaboration with nurses, for nurses and other critical care staff who interact with patients. We’re taking all of the great features of the Eyegaze Edge, which has been fine-tuned for over 25 years, and using them in EyeVoice. And now, we are addressing the issues involved with putting sophisticated Eyegaze technology in a fast-paced hospital critical care environment.

Sign up under the contact page if you would like to follow our progress and potentially get a crack at running EyeVoice through it’s paces. If there’s a feature you know you would like–the ultimate eye-operated patient communication and control system to have, give us your wish list in your contact message.

Discover the System

The EyeVoice system provides quick audible speech for patients who have no voice. By looking at on-screen keys for a fraction of a second, a patient can select a pre-programmed phrase or type a unique message on an eye-operated keyboard.

Learn About the Benefits

The EyeVoice system enables users to communicate with the world via robust, accurate eye-tracking devices and software. Easily handles variations in posture and pupil size. Compatible with glasses and contacts. Secure and anti-microbial.

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What We Do

We have pioneered the development of eye tracking technology for over 30 years. At LC Technologies, we give the gift of communication.

Our Story

It began in 1986 when a group of (mostly) engineers gathered in a basement in Virginia and founded LC Technologies. Their goal was to develop an eye-controlled computer for people with disabilities. The first Eyegaze System was unveiled in 1987, and soon after a police officer injured in the line of duty because its first user.

Assisting People All Over the World

In 1989 we provided the best eye-tracking technology on the market. Today, we still do—and we’ve reached more people than ever.

  • Over 30 years of product development
  • Systems in 46 countries
  • Systems are available in over a dozen languages
  • 12 published books from our users
  • Multiple users contributed to the workforce using the Eyegaze Edge®

Helping People Communicate

"I am 16 years old and I am writing this email on my Eyegaze. I was in the hospital for a whole month [and] was intubated for 2 weeks. The Eyegaze helped me to tell the nurses and the doctors what I needed when I couldn't talk."

— Jack

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