Product Information

The EyeVoice is a tablet-based, eye-operated communication system that is safe and easy to use. It provides quick audible speech for patients who have no voice. By looking at on-screen keys for a fraction of a second, a patient can select a pre-programmed phrase or type a unique message on an eye-operated keyboard.


EyeVoice will enable patients to:

  • Type and “speak” with a speech synthesizer
  • Give consent and participate in their plan of care
  • Utilize message screens to communicate their needs
  • Quickly communicate their level of pain
  • Ring their call bell
  • Control the television


EyeVoice will enable hospitals to:

  • Assure compliance with Patients Rights standards
  • Easily evaluate pain
  • Respond to patient needs and questions
  • Improve patient and family satisfaction with quality of care