Eye-operated patient communication and control system


Coming soon!

Critical care nurses have requested a version of our unique Eyegaze Edge system, designed on a medical model for people with severe physical disabilities, that’s better suited for use in the ICU/ER environment.


The wished-for product, EyeVoice is being developed in collaboration with nurses, for nurses and other critical care staff who interact with patients. We’re taking all of the great features of the Eyegaze Edge, which has been fine-tuned for over 25 years, and using them in EyeVoice. And now, we are addressing the issues involved with putting sophisticated Eyegaze technology in a fast-paced hospital critical care environment.


Sign up under the contact page if you would like to follow our progress and potentially get a crack at running EyeVoice through it’s paces. If there’s a feature you know you would like–the ultimate eye-operated patient communication and control system to have, give us your wish list in your contact message.



Information on the Eyegaze Edge and other LC Technologies, Inc. products can be found here.